What do we do?

First aid for you when you need help moving forward. We help you understand the challenges and how to move forward with a customized treatment where your assumptions are based. We offer hypnosis, hypnotherapy, conversation and guidance for individuals and families, group therapy with hypnosis, courses and training for individuals and businesses.

01. Safe Frames

We emphasize our clients’ desire for confidentiality and a safe environment.

03. Vast Experience

We have long and broad experience. Be it both nationally and internationally.

02. Confidencial

We value the privacy of our clients and have a strict policy regarding confidentiality.

04. Customized Treatment

All treatment is tailored to each client to ensure the best possible result.



When contacting us, we ask a few simple questions before setting up the first hour. The first hour involves conversation, planning treatment and, if possible, first meeting with treatment.



All treatment with us is individually customized. Depending on the circumstances, we will decide on the course and its duration. On average, a course of treatment lasts with us for 2-6 sessions. Depending on you as a person and challenge.


Exercises and Follow-up

We teach all our clients techniques that can be used between and after treatment with us. If you want follow-up and “refills” we have our own arrangements for this.

Hypnotist Thomas Kristiansen

With local and international background, you get help to solve small and large everyday challenges.

I, Thomas Kristiansen, am 41 years old and have a very broad experience from home and abroad. I have always been fascinated by people’s smiles and crying, in everyday challenges and crises. But, it was only when I started to travel seriously on the great African continent and in the Middle East that I seriously opened my eyes to people’s ability to handle good and less good situations in everyday life.

Having assisted a large number of people in situations that have been important for them to solve and not least create lasting changes, I chose to embark on the deeper mind. Conversation is often a good solution and it is often there to be a guide with a toolbox that you can use. Since then I have chosen to educate myself further and have now used hypnosis as a tool when dealing with people who have challenges they want help to solve. Hypnotherapy is a tool that can be used to help in a variety of cases, whether in therapy alone, as a family or in groups. I also work with companies where single hours and group hours are themed to improve the working environment and or to improve production.

Throughout my adult life, the red thread has been to help others, and I look forward to helping you as well.

Why choose us?

Because we care

We are constantly in search of the best treatment methods for you and therefore we are constantly developing or have a variety of techniques to use to ensure you get the best possible help in solving your challenges. Some of the credits, forums and organizations we hold and are members of are listed below


Kinetic Shift Practitioner


Norges Landsf. for Homøo-praktikere


Certified 5-PATH Hypnotist


Registered Hypnotist


Mindscaping Practitioner


Uk Hypnosis Academy

Get to know us further

Short about

Bergen Hypnose, which is currently switching to Bergen Therapy as we extend our offer to conversation, courses and training and more.

Usefull about hypnosis

We get a lot of questions during the week about what hypnosis really is and in most cases it’s because hypnosis seems a little scary. Here are some simple answers.